Ashes To Airplanes | What You Should Know About Carring Ashen Remains When You Travel


One of the biggest reasons a person may choose to be cremated at a place like Marine Park Funeral Home Inc is the cost, but a close second is usually something related to the fact that the ashen remains can be taken and spread in more desirable resting places than just the average cemetery. If you are left with the task of carrying your loved ones ashes to their desired resting place, this could easily involve taking their ashes with you on a plane. Before you book your ticket and start packing for the emotional journey, there are a few things that you will need to know about carrying cremated remains on a flight.

The Remains will Have to Be Checked by Security

It may seem invasive, but the remains that you carry onto a flight will still have to be checked by security. Therefore, you should have the ashes in an accessible place, or even carried with you. If you choose to place the container holding the ashes in your suitcase, your suitcase will have to be opened up, the container opened, and the contents will have to be examined by security. You have to keep in mind that safety is a primary concern on any flight and something could easily be concealed in the ashes.

It Is Helpful to Have a Statement from the Crematorium

A certificate of cremation can be provided by the funeral home or crematorium that shows that what you have with you is truly ashen remains. This documentation can make the process of taking the remains on a flight a little easier. If you did not obtain a certificate initially, contact the funeral home or crematorium that handled your loved ones cremation.

Not Every Container Is Accepted

If you carry the ashes on board a flight in an urn, you have to make sure the urn used is one that will be accepted by the airline. In most cases, an urn is small enough that it can be kept with you and treated as a carry-on item. However, metal urns should be avoided because they cannot be passed through an x-ray machine during a security check.

Make sure if you plan to take your loved ones ashes on a flight you contact the airline in advance to make sure that they are expecting your arrival. Ask about any special regulations that may be in place so you do not have any unexpected surprises when you arrive for your flight.



13 May 2015

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