3 Tips For Planning Your Own Frugal Funeral


If you are planning ahead and removing much of the stress relating to your funeral from your loved ones, it is obviously important to take care of all of the details. However, it is equally important to make sure that your final arrangements will not place a financial burden on those you leave behind.

Consider Pre-Financing

Pre-financing is a newer option for funeral planning. It permits you to make regular payments towards the total cost of your funeral, viewing and related expenses, at today's prices. Even if you have adequate amounts of life insurance, this concept saves money and time, later on.

You will need to get in writing what the return policy will be, if you were to cancel the plan or make alternative final arrangements in the future. Ideally, you should request all of the money back, with fees for the time their employees spent with you, but the decisions about refunds can vary widely. Otherwise, pre-financing would not be the most appropriate option, unless you are absolutely positive that you will not change your mind.

Choose A Package From The Funeral Home, in Lieu Of Buying Everything Separately

It may seem as if buying the casket one month and then paying toward other fees is a good choice, but in fact, there are often significant savings when you purchase a package. Just as in life, death has interesting options for financial savings.

For instance, the casket, transportation of your body and flowers, plus renting space for visitation is obviously going to be expensive. However, when you bundle it together, you may see a significant savings. It is also common to be able to choose from multiple bundles, so you can elect more flowers, a smaller hall for viewing and even to skip the embalming, if appropriate. 

Choose In Advance The Clothing You Want To Be Viewed Or Buried In 

Purchasing your own dress, suit or other clothing that you want to wear for the viewing, burial or both is one of those ideas that seems obvious, yet are not always considered. There can often be a very high price-tag when purchasing clothes directly from the funeral home. In addition, there may not be a large selection of clothing choices in every size.

It should also be pointed out that if you are in poor health when planning your funeral, you may need to buy a smaller size or speak with a tailor now who can make any necessary alterations after your death.

In conclusion, impending death is a situation that almost everyone dreads. By frugally planning your own funeral, you are leaving more money to your loved ones and removing the burdens of making your final arrangements in the midst of their own grief. In many ways, it is the best gift you can give.

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14 May 2015

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