Three Reasons Why You Would Want To Hire A Funeral Home When Family Passes Away


It has become a completely accepted practice that when a loved one dies, the next of kin has to find and hire the services of a funeral home. Although it is rarely a question of why you would do this, overtly curious people may still beg the question. If you are someone who does not know why this practice has become ingrained in American society, here are three reasons for hiring a funeral home for your recently deceased relative.

1. Misery Loves Company

As cliche as it may sound, one of the reasons why funeral homes and their services are a fifteen-billion dollar a year industry is because people need to grieve and they need to do it alongside others. As you move through the stages of grief, other family members and friends grieve with you and the journey does not feel as painful or as difficult if you have company. Funeral homes provide the place for all to grieve together.

2. There Are Laws That Prohibit Private Disposal of Bodies

Aside from cremation, you cannot intern a body anywhere outside a legally designated burial site. Family plots within a graveyard are still allowed, but private cemeteries are not due to health concerns and bodies of the deceased. The funeral homes assist you and your family with deciding where to intern the body and then provide everything necessary to complete the internment, following the law to the letter.

3. You Are Not a Licensed Mortician

A licensed mortician preserves the body by first draining it of blood and bodily fluids. Then a combination of preservation chemicals are pumped into the body to keep it from decaying too rapidly. Preserving the body for viewing during the funeral service is necessary, otherwise the body begins to smell and decompose immediately after death. That is not something you would want to see or smell, and because you are not a licensed mortician, you will need this service from someone who is. Morticians work in funeral homes, and thus, the third reason why you would need to hire a funeral home and its services.

In addition to the above reasons, many people just want to deliver their last respects to the deceased and/or reaffirm their religion or faith. The funeral home prepares the body in advance to any religious services and provides a time for friends and family to pay their respects if they will not be in attendance of the religious service. Because the vast majority of Americans practice some form of Christianity, funeral homes and services they provide are directly tied to this culture. (For more information, you can contact Clark Funeral Home Inc)


14 May 2015

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