What To Wear To A Funeral Service


Gone are the days that you're expected to wear black clothing when you attend a funeral service, but not having to wear black isn't an excuse to dress down for this solemn occasion. Figuring out the right outfit before you visit the funeral home ensures that you dress in a manner that's respectful to the family in mourning and that you don't feel out of place. The general rule to follow for funeral attire is to keep your outfit subdued and respectful. Now's not the time to make a fashion statement.

Clothing for Women

Women no longer have to feel pressured to wear a black suit or dress, but should still keep their attire on the conservative side. Although women can opt for a dark color such as blue or gray, it's also appropriate to wear brighter colors, provided they're not too flashy. Suits aren't mandatory; an outfit that meets the description of business-casual -- that is, clothing that is safe for work but not too casual -- is suitable. A simple example of business casual is a skirt and blouse combination. It's also ideal to keep patterns, jewelry and accessories, such as scarves, on the subtler side.

Clothing for Men

Likewise, men no longer have to dress in a black suit, although dark-colored suits are still common for men at funerals. For men who wish to stay traditional, a black, brown, navy blue or dark gray suit is appropriate, while lighter choices such as light gray and tan are ideal to wear in the summer months. They can pair the suit with a dark or light dress shirt and a tie; it's acceptable for the tie to be bright, but it shouldn't have a pattern that draws excessive attention. Men who don't wish to wear a suit can wear dress slacks and a sport coat, or dress slacks and a collared golf shirt.

Clothing for Kids

In general, parents should dress their kids in outfits that are comparable to that of their parents; a dress or a blouse and skirt for young girls and a suit or slacks and a dress shirt for young boys. It's OK for extremely young children to wear clothing typical of their age; parents shouldn't feel pressured to find a suit and tie for a toddler.


Shoes should always match the outfit. For women, understated high heels or flats are suitable, while men should stick to lace-up dress shoes or loafers. Remember that much funeral home visit is spent standing, so it's ideal to pick shoes that are comfortable. When in doubt, call a local funeral home, such as Pritts Funeral Home & Chapel PA, for advice and clothing recommendations.


14 May 2015

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