Understanding The Various Cremation Options Available: Planning Your Funeral


In an effort to take the burden off your family when it comes to planning your funeral and cremation, you can complete the process in advance. However, it is essential that you understand what all is involved in the cremation process, before committing to this option.

The guide below provides information on the various cremation selections available:

Cremated Remains Options

There are quite a few different options to consider when determining what to do with cremated remains. Typically, the remains are buried at the cemetery on a plotted ground in a designated area, contained within an urn by close family members or scattered in the water.

If you choose to have the remains buried in a cemetery, then you will need to find one that meets your criteria such as their religious affiliation, veteran considerations or proper upkeep.

If you plan on keeping the remains, instead of putting them in a conventional urn, consider incorporating some of the ashes into a unique jewelry design such as a heart-shaped locket. One option for casting the remains in the water, is to have them added into an underwater memorial reef before putting them in water.

Some family members have even added cremated remains into fireworks displays to shoot them off into space. Another option is to have the remains integrated into a work of art like a painting.

Cremation Container Options

The type of cremation containers needed will depend on if you plan to have a traditional funeral or something different. For funeral services, you will need to have a casket. This is because the body is usually cremated after the funeral. However, if you are going for something unconventional, such as a family gathering at your home, you can have the remains placed into an urn.

However, if you want the funeral to take control of the ashes, you may be required to have the remains placed in outer burial containers, burial vaults or grave liners in additional to the casket.

Burial vaults are designed to to alleviate the possibility of having the ground cave in once a casket starts to deteriorate. The grave liner is normally constructed with reinforced concrete and covers the top and sides of the casket for additional support, leaving the bottom of the casket to sit on the ground.

Consider meeting with the funeral home representative so they can answer your questions and help you go through the various options available for cremation. To learn more, contact a company like Frederick Brothers Funeral Home Inc - Main Ofc with any questions or concerns you have.


18 May 2015

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