Special Funeral Services For The Loved One Who Chooses Cremation


Don't deny your deceased family member a nice funeral service because they were cremated. There are a number of special ways to honor them in a service that celebrates their life and brings some closure to the family. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, by 2017 almost 50 percent of the people needing funeral arrangements will choose cremation. With more people choosing cremation, there is a need to be creative with the funeral arrangements. Here are a few cremation service suggestions to help in the funeral planning.

Photos Will Be Important

There will likely be no body available for a viewing, but you can still plan a visitation service. You can rent a casket and place a photo of the loved one on the pillow or rest it up against the lid. If the casket is not desired, the funeral home can set up a draped table on which you can place photos of the family member.

Collect photos of the person interacting with family, at work, or participating in their favorite hobbies and put them on display during the service. This creates a more personal feel to a visitation when there is no physical body to view.

Honor the Person's Passions

If the person was a collector, crafter or artist, create displays of their work to be viewed at the service. These items represent a part of the person's life that was important to them so it gives visitors a feeling for what gave the person joy.

Recognize the Person's Achievements

If the person was a teacher, musician, writer or lecturer, gather examples of their work and put them on display. The person likely devoted many years of their life honing these talents. They may have also influenced the lives of many others. A display containing thank you letters and testimonials speaks to the kind of person the family member was.

Go Against Tradition and Celebrate Their Life

A somber visitation may not represent who the person really was. You may prefer to choose a more upbeat, and even humorous, way to remember the person. Organize the visitation around a theme. For the sports buff, decorate the space with team colors and banners. Put out some of the person's sports memorabilia. Run video clips of favorite games. Make the visitation something that you know the deceased would be pleased to be remembered by.

A Service to Honor the Cremains

The family may prefer to have a private ceremony at the columbarium to inter the cremains. If you'll be scattering the cremains in a favorite location, you may want to open up the service to others. Some common locations for the dispersal of the cremains include:

  • in a favorite lake or stream
  • on the field of a sports stadium
  • along a favorite hiking trail

A special service at the location chosen for the cremains is something that a person having a traditional casket burial in a cemetery won't get to experience.

You can still honor your cremated loved one with special services that celebrate them and their life. Be creative and make the service something that brings a smile and good memories to those who attend.

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18 June 2015

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