5 Easy Ways To Save On A Traditional Funeral Service During Pre-Planning


It may not be necessary to plan and pay for your funeral in advance, but it is definitely a good idea. If you are like a lot of people, you put off planning the funeral because you do not want to take on an extra expense. Planning and paying for your funeral in advance may be another bill, but it does not have to be as costly as you may think. There are five ways you could save a lot of money on your funeral bill.

1. Forgo the Fancy Transportation: Most people have no idea that the hearse used for casket transportation after the funeral is actually just an optional service. You could arrange your own funeral-to-cemetery transportation and save around $295 on average.

2. Skip the Lengthy Visitation: If you are trying to cut costs, you should consider narrowing down the time frame that you would normally choose for your visitation. This may not be possible if you think you will have people coming from out of state. However, if you think it would work, you can easily cut costs by choosing to have a brief visitation immediately followed by a funeral, instead of scheduling the event over a few days.

3. Go Green and Save:  Make the choice to go green with your own burial and you could end up saving quite a bit. In funerals, going green usually means that you skip the embalming, which can run you as much as $1200. Plus, you can trade in the metal vault for a earth-friendly, biodegradable cardboard design and save as much as several thousand dollars.

4. Forget the Floral Casket Cover: The lovely floral spray that most people choose for their funeral service can be a costly investment for an event that only lasts a few hours. If you must have a casket spray, it is best to consider making one on your own, as funeral flowers alone could cost as much as $500. 

5. Provide Your Own Music: Music is one thing that is easily forgotten during planning, but most always a part of the service. If you are trying to save on overall costs, arrange your own music or even burn a CD of your favorite songs. If this is not brought up during planning, the funeral home will arrange the music on your behalf, which can add more to the total service fee.

When you start working with a funeral director (like those at Suess Bernard Funeral Home Inc.) to make your funeral arrangements in advance, there is no doubt you will want ways to save. Use this list to help you save some money and create a funeral plan that still works well for you and your family.


19 June 2015

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