Calming Natural Curiosities about Funeral Home Practices


You may have been to a funeral or two, and you may have a pretty good understanding of what takes place behind the curtains and closed doors. However, if you are like most people, there are a few things that pique your curiosity about the whole funeral preparation process. You may never ask out loud, but that does not mean you do not want to know. Here are a few of the most common curiosities concerning funeral home practices. 

What is actually involved in embalming?

The embalming process is actually designed to preserve the body, which makes it possible for the deceased to have an open-casket viewing for friends and family members. During embalming, bodily fluids are removed and replaced with chemicals, like formaldehyde, which slow the progression of natural decomposition.  

Do the eyes have to be sewn shut before the funeral?

It is actually a myth that the eyes or mouth have to be sewn closed before the funeral to keep them from awkwardly popping open in the middle of the service. However, the muscles that hold the eyelids shut and the mouth closed may become relaxed after death, so most morticians use an adhesive to keep the mouth and eyes closed before a showing. The adhesive that is used is similar to the kind used in the medical industry that holds wounds closed after surgery. 

Is it true that the odor of a funeral home comes from the deceased who are in the building?

It is true that funeral homes usually have a distinctive odor, but contrary to popular belief, the odor does not usually come from housing the deceased. The odors are more relative to the chemicals and solutions that are used in preparation of the bodies. The deceased are kept in a temperature-controlled, cold holding room, and odors are not normally an issue. 

Why would someone want to be a mortician?

Many morticians come into their profession because it is a family occupation and something they have grown accustomed to; however, there are individuals who actually seek to become morticians in funeral homes. The mortician business is actually quite lucrative, with an average salary of more than $50,000 per year. Beyond that, most morticians enjoy working with and helping people, and the position is one that provides job stability over the long term. 

It is perfectly normal to be curious about the funeral business, especially since it is not a topic often brought up in everyday conversation. If you have more questions, they will likely be welcomed by morticians and funeral home directors. Contact a representative from an establishment like Fletcher Funeral Home PA for further information.


15 July 2015

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