Three Important Things You Need To Do When Pre-Planning Your Funeral


A funeral is a chaotic time that can leave your mind cluttered while you try and plan a funeral while grieving. There are countless details that must be addressed and dealt with when someone passes away and if you don't do some of the leg work by planning your funeral in advance you could leave a mess for a loved one to deal with when you die. Here is guide are three important details you need to consider when pre-planning your funeral.

Leave A Financial Roadmap

Once of the most important things that you can do is to leave a roadmap you can guide them through all your bank accounts and finances. Leave a file folder that includes a list of all the bank accounts with the numbers that will allow the person handling your affairs to access them. Clearly outline in the folder a list of all your sources of income including pensions, benefits and any sources of employment that issue you a check. These will help the person know exactly how to close out all the accounts and notify all of them about your passing. They will also be able to gain access to your accounts and pay out your taxes or cover expenses for the funeral if they have not been pre-paid in advance.

Have A Legal Will In Place

A will is a legal document that will instruct the courts where your assets are to be allocated. The will also name the person who is to be named the executor and will carry out your wishes as outlined in the will. Make sure you sit down with the executor ahead of time and let them know that you want them to handle the affairs of your will. Make sure that they are comfortable being put into that position and then go over the will with them line by line so they know exactly what you want to happen with your assets. In the will clearly outline where your assets are to be allocated and who are the beneficiaries that will receive any remaining money, cars, or property that is left after your pass away. Make sure that the will is set up by a professional attorney who can ensure that the document is perfectly legal and registered so that it abides by all current state and federal laws.

Set Up Your Cemetery Or Cremation

Sit down with a funeral director and go over all the options for your final resting place. Decide if you want to be buried or cremated, and then make the decisions on if you want a viewing of the body for your loved ones to say their final goodbyes. If you want to be buried then you will need to select what type of casket that you want to be buried in and then you will need to find a cemetery where you want to purchase a plot. This will all have to be done in advance to reserve your spot within the cemetery and you might have to reserve a side-by-side plot if you want to be buried beside a loved one. You will also select a headstone if you want to have a marker at the grave site to indicate where you have been buried so loved ones can clearly find you in the cemetery. If you want to be cremated you will want to let the funeral director know what you want done with the ashes and who you want the ashes to be sent to when the body has been incinerated.

If you need help pre-planning your funeral the best thing you can do is sit down with a professional funeral director (like those at Ryan-Parke Funeral Home) and go over all the various options available to ensure that you don't miss an important detail.


6 October 2015

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