Learn How A Funeral Consultant Can Help You Plan The Funeral For Your Loved One


When someone passes away, planning the funeral can be difficult to do on your own. There are funeral consultants that you can hire to help make the process easier. The following guide walks you through a few ways a funeral consultant can help you with planning the wake and funeral for your loved one.

Determine the Burial Method

The first thing the consultant can help you do is determine if your loved one specified whether or not they wanted to be buried or cremated. The consultant will know where the information is located in a will or who to contact to find out if the person made a will. If there is no will, the consultant will help you determine which option would be the best for your loved one.

Choose a Casket or Urn

You will need to choose a casket or an urn for your loved one, if they did not choose one for themselves. Be honest with the consultant about the budget available for the casket or urn so they can show you all of the options available within your budget.

Choose the Burial Plot

You will need to select a burial plot for the person if one has not already been chosen. The consultant can help you find a plot that is near your family so that everyone can come to visit the gravesite whenever they want.

Choose the Music

At the wake, music will often be played in the background while family meets and chats with one another. The music needs to be reverent and soft, so that people can still hear one another and focus on the discussions they are having. The consultant may have a wide variety of music readily available that you can use.

Choose the Food

At the wake, light food is often served to the guests in attendance. The consultant may have connections with local caterers and can get you a great price on the food to serve at the wake.

Create the Death Announcement

When someone passes away, a death announcement is often made in a paper. You want to be sure that the announcement specifies all of the pertinent information and is written properly. The consultant will have a lot of experience with the announcement to ensure you include everything you need to include.

When you go to the funeral home, ask to speak to the funeral consultant that the funeral home has available to clients. The consultant can provide you with information right away to ensure you make an informed decision and are able to give your loved one the wake and funeral they deserve.

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27 October 2015

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