Tips For Choosing Music For Your Own Funeral Or Cremation Service


Music Is one of the beautiful pleasures in life, and it is a universal way for people to get out their feelings and connect with one another. How often have you heard a song where the lyrics express exactly what you wanted to say but couldn't quite put into words? Your favorite music can still speak for you when you are gone when you plan your own funeral or cremation service.

Go for the Great Memories

When you are selecting music as part of pre-planning a funeral, think back to the happiest memories that you've shared with your children, grandchildren, spouse, and other close loved ones. Chances are, if a certain song takes you back to a certain place and time, it will do the same for those who shared the experience with you. After selecting the song, bring up the memory with your loved ones, too, and you can share your own experience of the memory. That will help it remain fresh in their minds as well.

Look to the Music Charts

When you're at a loss for a song to pick, you may want to go way back. Look at the music charts for the year you were born. A song that you love from the year you were born can have a great symbolism. You may want to also combine the song choice with a mention of it in the program if you are also planning that part of the funeral as well.

Express Yourself

One of the cool things about planning your own funeral is the fact that you get to have the last word in a way. What a gift it will be to those who are grieving that you chose the music yourself. Don't hold back. These songs are one last way for your loved ones to get to know you better. Choose only music that means a lot to you and that you really love. Don't be afraid of music that may be unconventional for a funeral. If "Another One Bites the Dust" would make you laugh if you heard it at the funeral, it's okay to include it. Be consistent with your own sense of humor and taste in music, and that will be comforting to those who are grieving.

Finally, when you are searching for just the right music to include in your funeral service, try not to feel pressured. If you do change your mind later, you can alter the plan. Trust your heart and the music that speaks to you, and it will likely be a great comfort to your loved ones someday. For more information, contact companies like Lawry Brothers Funeral Home. 


15 December 2015

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