3 Tips For Planning A Funeral When You Don't Have Much Money


Dealing with the tragic loss of someone you care about can be hard enough, but it can become much harder if you have no money to pay for the funeral. With funerals being as expensive as they are, it can be very hard to pay for one when funds are tight, which can leave you wondering what you should do. Luckily, there are a few options that you can look into if you are attempting to plan a funeral but have no idea how you are going to pay for it.

1. Start Up a Fundraiser Nowadays, online fundraising campaigns are increasingly popular, and these campaigns can be used to help cover funeral expenses. These campaigns can be promoted on your social media networks to help encourage more donations, and people who use the site may donate as well, even if they don't know you or your loved one.

Local fundraisers can also be an option. Hosting a charity dinner, car wash or other type of fundraising event can be a good way to bring in funds for your loved one's funeral.

2. Look for Ways to Cut Costs There are so many ways that you can cut costs on a funeral. For example, you might want to opt for a cremation rather than a burial. A controversial option that can save quite a bit of money is to donate the body to science. If you choose one of these routes, you can still host a service to remember your loved one, but you can save quite a bit of money. If you aren't looking to do something as drastic as donate the body to research, you can scale down the costs by sticking to a simpler casket and talk to the funeral director about other ways to cut costs.

3. Look for Grants There may be a grant out there that can help you pay for your loved one's funeral. For example, you might be able to acquire funeral funds through his or her employer, through the military (if he or she was in the service) or through your local government. Your funeral director may be able to tell you about applicable options that are available in your area, since he or she probably works with these types of grants all the time.

As you can see, it isn't hopeless if you are trying to plan a funeral without any money. One or all of these tips can help you make a nice service a reality for your loved one, even if you're very tight on funds. Contact a funeral home, like Foster-Warne Funeral Home or another location, for more help and info.


29 February 2016

Creating A Beautiful Funeral

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