Five Special Items To Add To A Memory Table


When a loved one dies, you are left with your memories of his or her time on Earth. Incorporating a memory table into the funeral service is one way for friends and family to create a tribute to the departed. Traditionally, a memory table includes photographs, digital slide shows, and video clips. To better remember the deceased and his or her life, take a few moments to integrate these unique items.

1. Songs or Musical Scores

Consider adding reminders of the deceased's favorite songs or musical numbers. One idea is to create a playlist of songs that he or she adored. Mourners can hear firsthand the songs that Grandma loved throughout her life.

If a quieter option is preferred, print out verses from the songs and display them in frames or in a bound book.

2. Knick Knacks

There are certain items that we associated with a loved one's house, such as Grandma's collection of glass figurines or Grandpa's group of humorous coffee mugs. Add these items to the memory table to remind friends and family of happier times at the deceased's home.

3. Keepsake Pillow

If you are crafty, you can make a keepsake pillow from the deceased's favorite pieces of clothing. The site of dad's old favorite sports jersey or mom's beloved concert t-shirt is sure to conjure special memories. Items other than clothing can also be incorporated into the design, such as scraps from a beloved blanket, a commemorative flag, or even a favorite stuffed animal.

4. Edible Items

Was Grandma known for always having a piece of hard candy close by? Did Mom have a favorite cookie recipe that she always made at holidays? If the decreased was known for loving a certain item, add it to the table. Friends and family will have a flood of memories as they enjoy the item.

Don't forget to include beverages. If Dad was known for his homemade apple cider or fresh lemonade, a pitcher of the drink is a great addition.

5. Smells

If you associate a certain smell with the dearly departed, the smell belongs on the memory table. Maybe Grandma was always making a fresh apple pie, or maybe Dad loved the sound of a roaring fire. A candle is a simple way to recreate one or even multiple meaningful smells.

When using a location that does not permit an open flame, consider including the candle without lighting it. Mourners will still notice the scent. Another alternative is a scented wax cube.

As you say goodbye to a friend or family member, take a few moments to remember all of the fantastic moments you had together. Adding a memory table to the funeral service is a great way to encourage mourners to recollect all of the amazing times they had with the departed. Contact a business, such as the Shepherd Funeral Home, for more information about honoring your loved one.   


9 April 2016

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