How You Can Save Your Family From The Emotional Pain Of Planning Your Funeral


Most people are not fond of discussing their own death, much less making detailed arrangements for their own funeral. While you may not like the idea of planning ahead for your final arrangements, doing so can the best and most valuable final gift you can give to your loved ones. Follow these tips for pre-planning your funeral and save your loved ones the pain of doing so.

Get The Memorial Service You Want The Most

In the event of your death, your loved ones may be unable to remember the little things about you that would please you in a final memorial service. For example, if you loved a song and just never shared how much you liked it with anyone in your family, that song may not be included in your memorial service. You may have thought, while driving and listening to that song, how you would like it played if anything happened to you. By planning your own funeral, you can choose the music you want to have played and it will be music that is a direct reflection of you.

Casket Choices Can Be Tough On Your Loved Ones

The reality and morbidity of death can become consuming to your loved ones when they have to stand in a funeral home and pick out your casket. When they see the caskets, they begin thinking how you will be in one and buried, far away from them, making your death even harder for them to bear. If you would rather your loved ones experience the least amount of pain during your passing, picking out your own casket now is a good idea. By doing so, you can have the style and color you want in a casket as well. If you prefer to be cremated, you can also pick out your own urn. You may like a type of urn that is completely different than one your loved ones may choose.

The Impact Of Personal Recordings

Many people like to leave behind a voice recording to have played at their funeral, a part of your funeral no one but you can do. You can tell your loved ones how you feel and help to soothe their grief over your death. However, if you leave behind a rerecording without having it included in the funeral arrangements you pre-plan, it may end up forgotten because grief has a way of numbing the people dealing with it. Pre-planning your own funeral has many benefits, one being you can have the funeral you want instead of putting your loved ones through planning one you wouldn't like.

Taking out time during life to plan ahead for your death can be tough. If you are considering making your own funeral plans, always keep in mind it will be the best way to help out the ones you love after you are gone. For more information, visit websites like


28 April 2016

Creating A Beautiful Funeral

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