4 Questions Bereaved Loved Ones Need To Hear You Ask


The loss of a loved one is mourned differently by every person who grieves, yet there are also common factors to the grieving experience. Every bereaved person wants to hear comforting, compassionate words that can provide some sort of solace, even if it's only temporary. Your loved one will likely want to hear you say these things when they are grieving.

Do You Need Me to Help Plan the Memorial Service?

Whether the bereaved person is planning a burial or cremation services for the deceased, planning the ceremony can be very emotional. Reaching out and offering to provide a helping hand throughout the process can mean the world to someone. Even if they want to do it all themselves, they'll likely appreciate the offer. If you want to help plan a memorial or arrange cremation services, contact a funeral home like Romero Family Funeral Home Corp.

Would You Like to Hear Some Happy Memories of Your Loved One?

It can be extremely comforting to hear how a recently lost loved one has positively impacted the lives of others. If you have positive stories and joyful memories of the deceased, offer to share them in this way. If it's just too painful for the person to listen to the stories at that moment, you can then offer to write a letter so that they can read about them later.

Nobody Can Know Exactly What This Loss is Like for You, But Would You Like to Talk About It?

This question can be powerful because it validates their enormous sense of grief and the fact that they may feel alone. They may feel that nobody can understand this exact level of pain. Also, offering them the chance to talk in this way gives them an opportunity to be real with you about their pain without feeling like you expect a simple promise that they're okay.

Do You Need Help Driving Around the Kids, Making Dinner, or Paying Bills?

Instead of the stereotypical question where you ask someone who's grieving if there's anything you can do, go for specifics regarding their unique situation. If the person is struggling financially, you may ask if you can set up a fundraising page in memory of the deceased. If the person has small children, offering specific ways that you can help relieve childcare responsibilities for a brief time can make all the difference. Any question that offers specific care and help will likely be very much appreciated.

Finally, when in doubt, it's okay to ask someone whether they are okay with what you've said. Although you don't want to burden someone who's grieving with the additional responsibility of comforting you, a simple, respectful question to check in and make sure that they're all right with the help you're offering is a good idea. Just remind those who are grieving that you are there to help them and welcome their suggestions.


11 May 2016

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