Writing A Letter To Be Read At Your Funeral


There are many reasons that pre-funeral planning has grown in popularity in recent years. It gives many people  the opportunity to think about and decide on their final goodbye while they are still healthy. It gives others the opportunity to do so when they are dealing with a terminal illness and want to be sure that they are able to go out in the manner that affords them dignity and a way to best say goodbye to their loved ones. Writing a letter to be read at your own funeral is a way that you can speak for yourself and, quite literally, have the last word.

Have An Engaging Introduction

This letter is your last goodbye so draw the listener in by stating why you decided to write the letter to be read at your funeral or memorial service. You may want to state how you feel about the fact that you won't be around any longer when the person is hearing it. You may then call out a couple of people who are very special to you by name. Hearing that you were thinking of them specifically can be touching.

Address Your Legacy

Sometimes people die without letting others know how they'd like to be remembered. Let's face it. Everyone is remembered how others ultimately want to view them and by the memories shared between two people. Loved ones will be interested in what you view as your own legacy and what you'd like to leave behind as your legacy. It can be healing for your loved ones to feel that they are carrying on as you would have wanted them to do and that they have information about how you would like your legacy to be carried out.

Express Your Feelings

Don't be shy about expressing your love. If the love and details of that love are too personal, you should also write a personal, private letter to be given to the person in a way that affords them the luxury of privacy. Otherwise, address those you love. It's okay to name names, but you may want to put a lot of time into ensuring that you do name those closest to you. You can also state how it's impossible to name everyone.

Be Candid But Tactful.

Use your own authentic voice to explain what you're thinking and how you feel. Be candid without expressing things that may be hurtful to others. Don't try to be overly sentimental if you're not feeling deeply emotional. On the other hand, keep in mind that a letter to be read at your funeral isn't the best time to air grievances unless they are of such magnitude that addressing them is how you want to be remember. Keeping the letter positive yet sincere is the best approach for getting your final message heard in a way that's respectful and loving to yourself and your loved ones.

Finally, take time to write this letter. It is important and something that those who are closest to you will cherish. Don't be afraid to rewrite and even ask for help from someone you trust if you are struggling to say just the right words. Make the letter your own and say what's on your heart, then hand it over when pre-planning your funeral. Talk to a funeral home, like Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel, for more help.


6 June 2016

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