Finding the Right Funeral Home to Support Your Family


An important part of funeral planning is deciding which funeral home to use. You want a home that will fulfill your funeral plan wishes but will also work closely with your family after your death. Your family will be going through difficult emotions, and the right funeral home will be able to help your family members with them. While funeral homes offer many services to support family members, here are some of the options that can make a particular funeral home a perfect solution.

Help with Coordinating the Funeral

Your family will be grieving their loss of you, but they still must organize your funeral per your plan. As you research which is the best funeral home with which to work, evaluate how much support they will give your family in setting up the funeral. Some of the tasks your family may need help with include:

  • making arrangements with the church or other facility in which the funeral will be held
  • contacting speakers and other people you wish to participate in your funeral
  • getting notices about your death out to newspapers and other online venues

Grief Counseling

Everyone has their own process for dealing with grief. Your family may do well on their own, but they also may need some additional support after your passing. Funeral homes offer a variety of ways to help your family through their grief.

  • Some facilities have trained grief counselors on staff. These professionals will hold grief support groups and offer individual counseling. They often hold educational sessions open to the community to talk about the grieving process.
  • Other funeral homes contract these services out to counselors who offer grief counseling in the community. The support will be similar to that from funeral homes with trained staff members, but your family may have to travel to the counselor's office to get help.
  • A few funeral homes will refer your family to local organizations that do grief counseling. These organizations include religious organizations, not-for-profit businesses, and community support groups.

Administrative Support

There are several administrative activities that your family may have to do after you have passed away. These include filing for insurance or military benefits. These can be complicated processes and ones that your family could use help with. Your family may rely on these benefits once you are gone. Some funeral homes offer administrative support to help your family collect the necessary information and fill out the forms. Your family will appreciate the help with these administrative tasks as they are dealing with their grief. 

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24 June 2016

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