Are Your Ashes Up In The Air?


When the funeral home returns your loved one's ashes to you, you must make an important decision. You must decide what to do with the ashes. While many people purchase a beautiful urn and display the ashes in their homes, others scatter the ashes in a significant location. Both are great options. But if you choose to scatter the ashes, you need to be aware there are rules and regulations you must follow. There are places ashes can and can't be legally scattered. 

Where Can Ashes Be Scattered?

Private Property

You can always scatter ashes on personal property. The property may be a property you own, family-owned property, property of friends and family, etc. As long as you have permission from the property owner, there are no rules or regulations against spreading the ashes there. 

At Sea

Scattering the ashes at sea is an excellent choice for those who love the water. Scattering ashes at sea is considered an at-sea burial, and rules and regulations govern this. For example:

  • You must be at least three nautical miles from land 
  • You may only use readily decomposable materials
  • You must notify the EPA within 30 days of the burial

If the ashes are those of a pet, you will need a special permit from the EPA.

Many cruise lines offer special services where you can scatter your loved one's ashes off the back of a ship. You will need to make these arrangements before you schedule a cruise.

National Parks

If your loved one was passionate about hiking through unspoiled mountain trails or tranquil forests, you may scatter their ashes in a national park.

Spreading ashes in national parks is legal in most places, but you will need to coordinate it with the park rangers in the location of your choice. Some areas may require you to have a permit, while others may have designated places. 

Where Is It Illegal to Scatter Ashes?

Privately Owned Property Without Permission

You cannot scatter the ashes of your loved one on private property without permission. While this rule should be straightforward, people attempt to do this regularly. 

Just because private property is open for public events does not make it available to scatter ashes. Some locations that are off-limits are public ballparks and amusement parks. If caught with ashes in these locations, officials will escort you from the property and may confiscate your cremains.

Contact a local cremation service to learn more. 


16 November 2022

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