Are Your Ashes Up In The Air?


When the funeral home returns your loved one's ashes to you, you must make an important decision. You must decide what to do with the ashes. While many people purchase a beautiful urn and display the ashes in their homes, others scatter the ashes in a significant location. Both are great options. But if you choose to scatter the ashes, you need to be aware there are rules and regulations you must follow.

16 November 2022

Planning Tips For Families Using Cremation Services


If your family is planning to use cremation services as a way to honor a loved one who just passed on, you want to make sure everything is in order pretty early on. Then your family can just be in the moment and grieve however you want. Here are a couple of cremation planning tips to focus on. Learn About the General Process of Cremation  If this is the first time your family has ever dealt with cremation, then it's a good idea to learn as much as you can about it so that nothing takes you by surprise at any point.

23 August 2022

Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation


Many people now prefer cremation to traditional burial since it is affordable and environmentally friendly. However, before you decide to cremate your loved one, it is important to understand a few things about cremation services.  Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about cremation. What is Cremation? Cremation involves removing carbon components from the deceased using hot furnaces or chemicals. The remains of furnace cremation are reduced to ashes and packed in an urn.

12 May 2022

Four Qualities Of A Good Funeral Home


Life is sweet, but death is inevitable. This reality forces us to think about our last ceremony on earth or how we can care for our dead loved ones. You should think ahead and understand which funeral home will be the best choice when the most feared visitor, death, knocks on your door. Here are four qualities of a good funeral parlor that will give you or your loved one a great burial or cremation preparation.

15 March 2022