Four Qualities Of A Good Funeral Home


Life is sweet, but death is inevitable. This reality forces us to think about our last ceremony on earth or how we can care for our dead loved ones. You should think ahead and understand which funeral home will be the best choice when the most feared visitor, death, knocks on your door. Here are four qualities of a good funeral parlor that will give you or your loved one a great burial or cremation preparation.

15 March 2022

What You Need To Know About Using Song Lyrics On Gravestones


Someone's gravestone is an important symbol that can honor their life in a beautiful way. It's what family, friends, and other loved ones will see when they visit the cemetery to pay their respects to the deceased. It will be seen by many passersby who never knew the person, and it is even something that will likely outlast many generations. For these reasons and more, it's important to put a lot of thought and care into making sure someone's gravestone is a great expression of who they were and how they lived their life.

18 August 2016

How To Gently Involve Kids In Making Headstone Choices


Memorial grave markers serve as a way of marking the life of a loved one. It's a last way to pay tribute to the person and tell the world how great they were. One's headstone continues to speak about the life they lived for generations to come. It's only natural that a child would want to have a say in how a parent or another loved one is remembered. Gently involve a child in the headstone choices as part of the grieving process.

28 July 2016

Headstone Materials Guide


When preplanning your funeral, the headstone is one major decision you will need to make. When choosing a headstone for your final resting place, the first concern is what is allowed in the cemetery. Each one will have their own rules and regulations that will have to be followed. Once you have this information, you can use the following guide to select which option you prefer that will fit within the rules.

19 July 2016

Three Factors To Consider When Having A Headstone Created


When someone passes away there are a lot of things that must be done in order for a burial to take place. Once you have made arrangements with the funeral director for the funeral, you will need to have a headstone created to mark the place where your loved one will be buried. If you have never purchased a headstone before, it can be a bit overwhelming because there are so many decisions to make.

5 July 2016

Finding the Right Funeral Home to Support Your Family


An important part of funeral planning is deciding which funeral home to use. You want a home that will fulfill your funeral plan wishes but will also work closely with your family after your death. Your family will be going through difficult emotions, and the right funeral home will be able to help your family members with them. While funeral homes offer many services to support family members, here are some of the options that can make a particular funeral home a perfect solution.

24 June 2016

Writing A Letter To Be Read At Your Funeral


There are many reasons that pre-funeral planning has grown in popularity in recent years. It gives many people  the opportunity to think about and decide on their final goodbye while they are still healthy. It gives others the opportunity to do so when they are dealing with a terminal illness and want to be sure that they are able to go out in the manner that affords them dignity and a way to best say goodbye to their loved ones.

6 June 2016