Resomation: A Cremation Alternative That Might Be Right For You


When it comes to what to do with your body after death, you most likely have only heard of two choices: burial and cremation. Lately, however, a number of other alternatives have been gaining mainstream recognition. Many of these forms of post-death alternatives are considered "green" or environmentally friendly. Among the alternatives that are gaining such widespread mainstream recognition is resomation. Resomation is, in many ways, considered an environmentally friendly form of cremation.

20 January 2016

The Process Behind A Thai Funeral


Countries around the world have different funeral customs. If your funeral home is asked to hold a funeral for someone from Thailand, it is important that you understand the process and traditions behind a Thai funeral.  Based In Buddhist Beliefs Thai funerals, regardless of religious affiliation, are often grounded in Buddhist principles. Thailand has been a Buddhist country for many years, which is why Buddhist customs can be seen in most Thai funerals.

31 December 2015

Tips For Choosing Music For Your Own Funeral Or Cremation Service


Music Is one of the beautiful pleasures in life, and it is a universal way for people to get out their feelings and connect with one another. How often have you heard a song where the lyrics express exactly what you wanted to say but couldn't quite put into words? Your favorite music can still speak for you when you are gone when you plan your own funeral or cremation service.

15 December 2015

Learn How A Funeral Consultant Can Help You Plan The Funeral For Your Loved One


When someone passes away, planning the funeral can be difficult to do on your own. There are funeral consultants that you can hire to help make the process easier. The following guide walks you through a few ways a funeral consultant can help you with planning the wake and funeral for your loved one. Determine the Burial Method The first thing the consultant can help you do is determine if your loved one specified whether or not they wanted to be buried or cremated.

27 October 2015

Three Important Things You Need To Do When Pre-Planning Your Funeral


A funeral is a chaotic time that can leave your mind cluttered while you try and plan a funeral while grieving. There are countless details that must be addressed and dealt with when someone passes away and if you don't do some of the leg work by planning your funeral in advance you could leave a mess for a loved one to deal with when you die. Here is guide are three important details you need to consider when pre-planning your funeral.

6 October 2015

Tips For Controlling The Cost Of A Funeral


Planning and paying for a funeral service can be a terribly stressful experience for those that have never gone through this process. In addition to the waves of emotion that you will be handling, there are numerous factors that must be considered and decisions to be made. In all of this chaos, it should not be surprising that some people make mistakes that can cause them to pay far more for the funeral service than they can afford.

20 August 2015

Calming Natural Curiosities about Funeral Home Practices


You may have been to a funeral or two, and you may have a pretty good understanding of what takes place behind the curtains and closed doors. However, if you are like most people, there are a few things that pique your curiosity about the whole funeral preparation process. You may never ask out loud, but that does not mean you do not want to know. Here are a few of the most common curiosities concerning funeral home practices.

15 July 2015